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Paul Taylor

I Love To Learn,
I Love To Fight For The Little Guy,
For I Am The Little Guy!

I believe in providing affordable access to justice to my clients. This is why I provide either a complete bundled legal service or unbundled legal services. Complete bundled legal service is where I provide my clients with a full-service representation. This includes documentation preparation, research, and hearing representation. Unbundled legal services are where I provide my clients only a portion of the legal services, it maybe document preparation, research and/or hearing representation. I am here to support you in every step of the way, in as little or as much as you decide.


As a self-represented litigant, I have argued many of my own cases. These included matters in small claims courts, family court, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Court of Appeal for Ontario, and filed two separate applications before the Supreme Court of Canada. My personal experience has not only impassioned me to fight for others but has also provided me with a very unique perspective not commonly experienced by other paralegals and lawyers. That is the ability to truly understand what a client is going through. While my passion and the majority of my experience lies in employment law, workers compensation law, disability law, and small claims court, my passion does not limit me to these few areas of law,
for I love to learn & fight!

I provide a free half hour consultation to any prospective clients.
Please e-mail me at to book your free half hour consultation!

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